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New resource from The Guild to help measure the social impact of your work

New Philanthropy Capital published a report in October 2012 ‘Making an Impact: impact measurement among charities and social enterprises in the UK’ which highlights the following barriers to measuring social impact:

  • lack of funding and resources
  • lack of staff support
  • lack of Trustee support
  • difficulty in knowing what to measure

Organisations also stated that they would like more training and guidance on developing measurement tools. As a response to these concerns, The Guild is pleased to offer an exciting new practical, cost-effective user friendly product: Social Impact Measurement Toolbox a ‘consultant in a box’ aimed at small to medium sized organisations which:

  • takes into account your starting point and the extent of changes that might occur,
  • shows how to provide the most useful/robust information to those who need it and
  • makes the most of what you already do.

It also prepares you to do more, ending with an Action Plan for you to put in place to measure the social impact of the work that you do.


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    • Six carefully designed sections that help you and your organisation think about social impact measurement, with the option to start at the beginning and work your way through all the materials or begin where it is appropriate for you.
    • Helps to build a robust impact measurement plan from the foundations upward, rather than jumping in with a complex tool or framework from the start.
    • Helps identify and deal with any gaps or to check if you are collecting information you don’t currently use.
    • Offers guidance on how to develop your organisation’s approach to social impact measurement whilst at the same time building your team’s communication, skills and knowledge around social impact measurement.

resized_SIM_worksheetsThe Toolbox is produced, published and distributed by social enterprises. Profits from sales contribute to the training and support of disadvantaged young people gaining valuable work experience in the design and print industry from Graphic Design and Print CIC

“I am really impressed with the Toolbox which appears simple to use and clear to understand” Louise Forey, Community Development Officer – Severn Vale Housing Society

“We love the Toolbox and will be recommending it …. to some of our organisations” Carol Candler, Director of Strategic Operations – Northern Rock Foundation

“Even though the Toolbox was designed to promote the measurement of Social Impact, we have found that it has stimulated discussions in many other areas in order to promote the business. So just having the meeting for each section of the Toolbox has provided a platform for generating other avenues of work which will have a positive affect on the business” Sharon Tooke – Norfolk Industries for Disabled People

Please note that we can offer a discount if you would like to purchase more than five Toolboxes as purchasing one Toolbox does not allow you to make multiple copies of the materials for use by other branches of your organisation or by colleagues at multiple sites.

Cost and how to order the Toolbox:

A SIM Toolbox costs £150 including postage and packing.  To find out more and to place your order simply click here.

In addition to the Toolbox we have also produced our Guide to Getting Started in Social Impact Measurement. Purchasers of the Toolbox will be sent a free electronic copy of the Guide but if you wish to receive a copy without purchasing a Toolbox the cost of this is £5.00 from here

A free summary of the Guide can be obtained by emailing with the word sendguide in the subject line.

Here’s to making an impact and we look forward to hearing from you!



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