Big Lottery Awards for All success!




The consultation requirements to set up the Network of Norfolk Day Centres has received funding support from the Big Lottery.

This is a really great result following over 18 months of work by the Day Centres and our team to establish a really important independent resource.

We can now undertake a formal consultation amongst the 54+ Day Centres operating across Norfolk in order to establish a Network that will help Day Centre users to be more active in their communities and to work together to address the needs of older people.

All the Day Centres are run by voluntary management committees and some have part-time paid staff, but all use the work of volunteers to provide services.  The majority of the voluntary help comes from the older people themselves.

The Day Centres have worked hard to move from the standard budget awards supplied by statutory services to direct payments from their ‘customers’.  The opportunity to establish the Network will help to deliver cost-effective services, improve their capacity to supply services needed by the community and enhance their viability.

We will keep the post updated so you can see how the project is progressing.

Thanks Big Lottery


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