Consultancy Services

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The Guild are specialists in helping you through the maze of business performance options. Our Consultancy Services provide high value options from feasibility studies to increasing income, saving money and demonstrating social value and more.

Consultancy Services

We can support your needs and help you excel in the following areas

  • business planning and feasibility studies
  • support with conversations on mergers, joint working initiatives and supporting the brokering of common ground partnerships
  • packages to support ‘start-up’ organisations who are ready to form their own not-for-profit or commercial entity
  • developing funded and non funded income strategies for long term viability
  • enhancing membership offers and increasing income and loyalty from membership services –
  • reviewing operating methods and processes in order to identify genuine savings
  • helping organisations with restructuring / building a team to a budget
  • financial planning and forecasting
  • strategic development and change management
  • starting, or developing, efficient and easy to use outcome based tools to demonstrate impact and value
  • market research, promotion and marketing for social enterprises and co-operatives.

All of our Consultancy Services are tailored to your specific needs without the additional costs associated with the term ‘bespoke.’ We work this way because we know that ‘off-the-shelf’ is rarely what an organisation needs to thrive.

Call us now on  07979 966 057 or complete the contact form below.

I would recommend The Guild to anyone seeking help with a voluntary group or charity. Your knowledge and communication has been first class and we have all learned a massive amount from working with you. We won’t hesitate to contact you again when we need more advice – Scott Jacobs-Lange, Neighbourhood and Communities Manager: Bristol Community Housing Foundation

Consultancy Services

Examples of our varied consultancy work includes:

Advising a community association on a number of governance issues, including re-constituting the group which was – in their own words – ‘on the brink of collapse’. This resulted in a vibrant association with 8 new Trustees all working to create social and learning opportunities for adults and young people in the area. The group is also finalising a Community Asset Transfer with Bristol City Council and actively fundraising to build up their community programme.

Provision of long term support to a short-life housing co-operative needing to upgrade their existing management systems and implement new practices to encourage tenants to participate in the operation of the co-op. As a result they have a new member’s handbook and regular house meetings as well as co-operative management meetings.

Assisting a private sector organisation to re-structure in order to provide care and support to a community of people with learning difficulties. This protected the long-term future of the members of the community and, at the same time, enabled the family business to be relieved of an increasingly worrying burden of responsibility.

Supporting a GP Practice to establish a domiciliary care service for their practice area. This enabled patients to either remain in their homes for treatment or reduce their length of stay in hospital. Consequently, the patients recovered faster, the service provided much needed employment in a rural area and the practice reduced costs and charges for unnecessary hospital stays.

Supporting a ‘new’ organisation working to increase the quality of care being delivered. This is enabling care deliverers to provide increased standards with lower running costs through reduced staff turnover and more efficient operating procedures.

Supporting an organisation with improving their outcome paths and evidence in order to significantly enhance their ability to obtain additional grant and other funded incomes.


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